CASH and Buy Now-Sell Later

We are certified partners with three providers of "Buy now, sell later" providers, Knock, Homeward and Ribbon.  

  • Knock provides options for closing costs and repairs of your existing home, using the existing equity in your home. 
  • Homeward provides an option to purchase your new home with cash, giving you a strategic advantage in a competitive market.  
  • Ribbon provides a cash backing to your offer, eliminating the need for contingencies, making your offer to purchase even stronger.  
Ribbon upgrades you into a non-contingent, cash buyer— giving you the best shot at winning your next home. Our Buy Before You Sell program allows you to move into your new home and then prepare your existing home to be sold at top dollar. For the first time home buyer, our program enables you to write a more competitive cash offer, doubling your chances of winning the home of your dreams.
       How It Works
  1. Ribbon partners with you, your agent and lender to write a cash offer and win your dream home!
  2. Ribbon attaches to the contract with an addendum that details how our fee is paid at closing.
  3. Ribbon buys the home on your behalf and leases it back to you for up to 180 days.
  4. Once you're ready to purchase the property from Ribbon, we'll work with you to ensure a seamless transaction and sell the house back at the exact price that we originally purchased the home for.
  5. In the event you don't need Ribbon to close on your behalf, the Ribbon Fee is simply reduced to 1%.

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Knock and Homeward
For Knock and Homeward you have to be able to qualify for a conventional loan for both options, which starts with a credit score of 620. 

  1. Watch both short videos
  2. Determine which option is best for you
  3. Message us with questions and to proceed forward.  

Knock - Home Swap

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